Dunblane Presbyterian Church, Dunblane ON

The Dunblane Presbyterian Church was built in 1859 and maintained regular worship until it was closed in 1968. Since then, the church as been preserved as an important historical landmark.

The church building was originally made of logs, then subsequently covered with board and batten on the exterior and plaster on the interior. The present pulpit and pews were hand made by Rev. Peter Scott. There is no hydro service, but there is a pump organ. The church building sits on two adjacent farms, and there is no deed to the church property.

Initially after its closure, the Presbytery of Grey Bruce Maitland managed the running of a yearly worship service as well as various weddings. Since 1982, the church has been managed by a committee under the authority of the Session of Knox Burgoyne. This committee reports to Presbytery each November, through the Care of Congregations Committee.

The members of the present committee are Kent Lamont (Chairperson and Presbytery Representative), Elda Grieve (Secretary), Margery Campbell (Treasurer), Janet Gowanlock and Marilyn Scott. Ministers chosen for the Burgoyne/Port Elgin charge are invited to sit on the committee in an advisory capacity.

Each year an Anniversary Service is held the first Sunday in August at 2:30 pm. The doors of the church are open from May 24th to after Thanksgiving for anyone wishing to visit.

Donations in support of the Dunblane church may be made through the treasurer of Tolmie Memorial Presbyterian Church, Port Elgin, who issue income tax receipts and directs the money back to the committee to do their work.