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There are many reasons to share the photographic memories we have collected with others. Whatever your reason, if those memories are Presbytery related, or have something to do with your church, your congregation, your youth group, your fund raiser . . . well, you get the idea . . .

If it is related to "things Presbyterian," even if just something being done by or with or for Presbyterians, and you want to share them with others . . .

Then we would love to have you send them in to our Clerk, who will turn them into an Gallery Album, that anyone who vists our website can view and enjoy.

If you do have photos you want to share send them as attachments, by email, to:

When you send your photos, please include a brief note in your email, with any detail that you would like included in the Gallery Album, such as: names, place, date, event . . . etc.

Home Page Banner Photos: As you have no doubt noticed, there is a blue "Banner" on the home page, that cycles through a series of photos of many of our beautiful churches. I would like to get photos of them all. What is there presently, represents the churches that I could find photos for on the web. If your's is not there, or if you have better or other pictures of your church you would like included in the "Banner," send them to me. And don't be surprised if some of the "Gallery" photos you send in, end up included on the odd Banner, so those visiting our website can get a wee taste of who we are, and what we're all about!

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Sample Galleries

The following are a few sample Galleries that I have posted, to give you an idea about what you can expect. Check them out. Send me photo's from "YOUR" special events and I will put them here for all to see (and I will try to send out an email notice and link, so folks will stop by and take a look at what YOU are up to).

Knox Walkerton Sanctuary Painting 2011

David Leggatt Retirement June 2011

Walkerton Heritage Water Garden